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JUNE 2013:
We have just won 5 awards in the BDA NSW 2013 Sydney Branch Awards;
Our 'yStabl Newman Residence' project won the following awards;
New House
Sustainable House
Heritage/Adaptive Re-Use
Supreme Award  (I think we get a pizza…)
And a commendation award for our Tilgals Residence project in Leichhardt under the category;
Alterations and Additions


Brent Reid, Building Designer, formed EcoSphereDesign in 2003 to create, joyful, individual contemporary homes with an environmental conscience.

In 2011 EcoSphereDesign expanded to also serve the Byron Bay / Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, the last 9 years as EcoSphereDesign has seen 60 projects completed across 29 Councils throughout NSW.

Brent and the EcoSphere team offer a personal, creative, dedicated and professional service. EcoSphereDesign is a networked home studio based practice with staff connected through all the benefits that technology allows.
We are listed on a few directories but we do not actively advertise. It is a source of great satisfaction that 95% of our clients come to us through direct recommendation.

In creating spaces that give joy and sanctuary, our process seeks to harmonise all the aspects of the clients brief to the site, the seasons, aesthetics and budget. Big or small, each project has its own ‘blue sky’ moment of design clarity, waiting to be discovered.

We are advocates for a sustainable future. In support of this belief Brent was a Sustainability Assessor with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) for four years carrying out residential thermal performance modeling, energy efficiency assessments, and BASIX assessments. EcoSphereDesign has provided sustainability assessments for award-winning architect Walter Barda, and for the new home of TV personality Jamie Durie.

The EcoSphere ethos is that environment refers to more than rainwater tanks and climate change. Environment is about our inner-being and our inter-connectedness. From this understanding follows the belief that, the spaces we live in should nurture us, allow us to nurture, and encourage us towards our aspirations.