two new dwellings, marrickville

Awarded under "Marrickville, Five of the Best" category in The Sun Herald 2007 Sydney Property Guide.

Dwelling 'A' set a record in 2006, for dwellings of its kind, when it sold for just under $1 million...before Marrickville was "the new Paddington" :)
Clients expected to have to sell both houses to cover costs and make a profit. They ended up keeping the second dwelling.

Features include:
-4 bedrooms plus study
-Passive solar design principles employed
-Northerly aspect utilised
-High level windows and calculated sun screening to allow winter sun penetration deep into house.
-PVC windows with double glazing provide premium acoustic and thermal performance
-Tile finish to ground floor living to engage floor slab thermal mass with living zones.
-Natural finishes include limestone tiles to ground floor, wool carpet upstairs, low VOC paints, slate tiles to courtyard
-Multiple cross-ventilation flow paths
-5 star instantaneous gas for water heating
-In-house thermal modelling projected ultra low heating and cooling loads for dwelling, warm in winter, cool in summer.
-3000L rainwater tank connected to WC's, clothes washing machine and garden irrigation.
-Insulated against aircraft noise
-Mood lighting options from tranquil to dramatic including custom designed ‘hanging globes’ light fitting to living room
-Shadow line detail to ceilings and skirtings

Photos (the good ones!):