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1ST PLACE for 4 Awards in the 2013 BDA -SYD BRANCH AWARDS

New home annexed to 120 year old coach house and stables which became second 'winter' living room, and a spare bedroom. The home was designed for a couple in their 80's who wanted to down-size, to get closer to town and, away from the difficulties of living in an old farm homestead. The house was designed to meet the possible changes in health and mobility that they may experience in later life.

The raked wall design caused some interest during the build as people walked by to watch progress, with comments such as "she's falling over" being made. Aside from the aesthetic folly of the rake it serves a few functions. It contracts the built form of the new works, as it rises, away from the existing stables building allowing the 2 buildings to 'breathe' individually. It allows greater light levels and a sense of openess to the south facing landcsaped space bewteen old and new. And probably most importantly, it allows for a greater width to the hallway it forms, from waist height down, to allow for easier wheelchair passage.